5 Steps to Beating the New York City Summer Heat

June 28, 2016 9:00 am

New York City summers are awesome. The weather is great, sun is shining, Central Park is green and welcoming and warm evenings permit the magic of rooftop bars and barbecues. It’s not a secret that all this summer glory comes at a price. The heat can get brutal at times, with the East Coast humidity and our glass towers reflecting sun rays in every direction. To stay safe, happy and cool, take these essential steps to beating the summer heat.

1. Stay Hydrated

Public Water Fountain. Photo by Slate

Public Water Fountain. Photo by Slate

Carry water with you, or at least a few dollars in cash so you can buy a bottle of water at newsstands when you need to. Public water fountains are located all throughout New York City, especially concentrated in parks, if you don’t want to carry a bottle with you. Do not be too afraid to drink lots of water. If you need to go, there are plenty of public restrooms in NYC.

2. Dress Light

Screen Shot from Sex and the City

Screen Shot from Sex and the City

Put on a sundress, loose, flowy pants or shorts and comfortable sandals. Jeans or anything else tight and heavy might make you feel uncomfortable.

3. Hide in Air Conditioning

Inside Metropolitan Museum of Art

Inside Metropolitan Museum of Art

For every square inch of the hot pavement, there’s an equivalent inch of an air conditioned interior. Learn how to seek them out. On really hot afternoons, visit one of our fine museums, which are always pleasantly climate controlled, hide out at a bank for a minute or go shopping. You can also take a subway ride, even though that’s a bit trickier. The subway corridors in New York are even hotter than the outside, so you can’t expect instant cool-down. However, the vast majority of the trains are air-conditioned, making the actual ride a pleasant relief.

4. Enjoy some Fro-Yo

Ice Cream. Photo via Epoch Times

Ice Cream. Photo via Epoch Times

Frozen deserts are abundant throughout NYC streets and shops in the summer months. Go for a classic Mr. Softee cone (chocolate dipped vanilla cone is the editorial favorite), or seek out some of our best frozen yogurt. For AMAZING vegan ice cream, find one of the Van Leeuwen location in the Village or Brooklyn.

5. Take a Cruise


Shearwater Classic Schooner. Photo via Manhattan by Sail

Nothing is more refreshing than the breeze in your hair when cruising around the Manhattan Island. The options are plentiful. You can ride in style on the fancy Zephyr, take a classic Cirle Line guided cruise, or sail on the Shearwater Classic Schooner.

Bonus Tip

Chinese Folding Fan

Chinese Folding Fan

Stop by Canal Street in Chinatown and pick up one of these lovely, lightweight, handheld refreshing companions. These Chinese Hand Fans are all over Chinatown and can seriously reduce the temperature of your face, thus making you more comfortable.


  • Stella Maris Gómez Alfosnsin says:

    I want to travel to New York. Don´t care for warm weather or cold. Anyway thank you.

  • Stella Maris Gómez Alfosnsin says:

    Thank you for the advices but I would like to visit New York sometime. No matter hot or cold wather.

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