This Incredible Video Gives Vibrant Color to NYC

August 26, 2016 9:00 am

This amazing 8K video is making rounds on the Internet for a good reason. The video shows a time-lapse of New York City shot with incredible bright colors.

The movement and energy of this city, day and night are captured in a series of HDR images giving way to the most vivacious colors.

These are unedited stills from the video.

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Brooklyn Bridge | New York Pass

Brooklyn Bridge

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View From Empire State Building | New York Pass

Downtown View From Empire State Building

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Love Sculpture NYC | New York Pass

Love Sculpture

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New York City at Night | New York Pass

New York City at Night

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View From ESB at Night | New York Pass

View From ESB at Night

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Rockefeller Center NYC | New York Pass

Rockefeller Center

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Manhattan Skyline | New York Pass

Manhattan Skyline

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Times Square NYC | New York Pass

Times Square

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We dare you to watch this video and not immediately book tickets to New York City!


Check out the author and his other stunning projects on Vimeo.

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