One Week in NYC

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7 Responses

  1. Karina says:

    That’s really cool, a really fun yet informative blog! I’ve used Traveloris and wow, I have to say, they’re onto something.

  2. Cat Blick says:

    I have just used Traveloris to build my itinerary to New York. Loved it!

  3. Ute says:

    I had a quick look at their website and can see how The New York Pass and would work well together! Nice one.

  4. S. Johnson says:

    What Hotel did you stay at in NYC?

    • Hey when I went using this itinerary I stayed at the ‘Country Inn & Suites New York City at Queens’. It was pretty good. Look at places in long island near train stations, saves you money but the standard is still good.

  5. I will be in NY October 20-23rd. I would like to get in as much as I can. So what things do you suggest for me. I like the week plan but I will not be there that long. Any suggestions would be helpful. Also will the New York pass be something I should invest in for this short length of time?

    • Daniel says:

      Have a look at and select New York. Their attractions are hand picked and researched so you can quickly get an idea of what you want to see, how much time it’ll take, the best order to do them in, and how much it costs (compare this to the cost of a pass), literally spend 20 minutes there it’s easy to use and will actually help you really pack your days! If you are planning 3 really packed days, than yeah the chances are buying a pass is worth it, plus it adds flexibility!

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