Empire State Building from Top of the Rock

Video: 7 Days in New York City

June 10, 2016 9:00 am

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New York Pass user Gabriel Mendoza shared with us and amazing video he made from his trip to New York City.

Gabriel sent us the video saying “It was a blast also because of the huge savings we had with your new york pass !!! and the best is yet to come. Instead of thousands of photo I recorded the whole trip…”

Enjoy this video showing New York City from all angles, depicting all that makes this city unique, including the people who live here, the street performers, workers, as well as the beauty one can observe from Top of the Rock, the Brooklyn Bridge or from a helicopter.

You can follow Gabriel on Instagram @icreatepictures.

To see how you can spend a week in New York City sightseeing and experiencing the wonderful energy of the city that never sleeps, take a look at your options with the New York Pass.

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